How About the New Generation Mimaki JV300-160A Sublimation Textile Printer

Mimaki has announced the Mimaki JV300 Series of production-speed, printer-cutter devices. CJV300 Series adds cutting capability to proven production platform, The Mimaki JV300 Series brings automated print-and-cut operations to this class of printer for the first time.

Sublimation Textile Printer
Sublimation Textile Printer

Mimaki JV300 -160a Series models incorporate new printheads in a staggered configuration that can deliver production print speeds of up to 1140 square feet per hour to support a high-volume print-and-cut workflow. The integrated cut functionality enables volume production of labels, decals, T-shirt transfers, window clings, floor graphics, POP displays, vehicle markings, package prototypes and more in a single unit.

Sublimation Textile Printer
Sublimation Textile Printer

Elevating print-and-cut capability:
The Mimaki JV300-160A series offers advanced cutting functions including continuous registration mark detection to enable cutting of an entire roll of media without interruption. Over-cut and corner-cut functions reduce waste by ensuring clearly cut edges with no uncut fragments. The segment correction function facilitates precision cutting over long-length prints, even if the image is distorted. Also included is a cut-and-print function for pre-cutting before printing, which prevents common problems such as film separation and other issues related to post-cutting on thin materials.

Sublimation Textile Printer
Sublimation Textile Printer

Silver ink can be used to create metallic color effects, which are in high demand for label, decal and package prototyping applications. RasterLink6 RIP software – standard with JV300 Series units – includes a swatch palette of 648 metallic colors that are easily selectable from Illustrator® and can be utilized in a near endless combination of custom colors.

Bulk ink system standard:
Every Mimaki JV300-160A Series printer ships with the Mimaki Bulk Ink System 3  that features two-liter ink packs for select colors. This system reduces ink costs when compared to ink cartridges used in competitive products, and enables unattended printing, freeing staff to work on other projects. 

Sublimation Textile Printer
Sublimation Textile Printer

The new JV300 Series, built on the advanced architecture of the JV300 Series printers, offers many new technologies designed to deliver.

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