Do You Know How Display Banner Printed With Sublimation Method

Over the past decade, display banner printing has been done increasingly on cloth or fabric items which come in several different styles, most of which are printed using a dye sublimation method. It is used primarily on polyester fabrics because of their polymer content.

In this method, a digital printer paper will press the dye onto a special paper, then utilized heat and pressure to transfer the image to the polyester material. It will not work on cotton and some other fabrics because they don’t have polymers in them. If done correctly, it should leave a brightly imprinted image that actually becomes part of the cloth.

This type of sublimation print technology an cloth is superior for many reasons including that they can be folded, washed, ironed like any ordinary printed fabric (like a shirt), and if it is a good quality print it shouldn’t fade any time soon. Cloth and fabric displays has become very popular in higher end retail stores like Nordstrom or in trade shows. Because of the bright lights in trade show arenas, many exhibitors prefer that their display is done on fabric materials as they don’t have the glare from the lights that vinyl items do; and they can be used for various displays, booth back and side-walls, hanging displays, and in many other ways, too.

Sublimation Printing
Sublimation Printing

There are several popular polyester fabrics used in dye sublimation pressing. One popular material is stretch poly material, which can be stretched over frames to create interesting displays. Because of it’s stretch-ability, it creates a wrinkle-free display that has visual interest and attracts client views.

Another material, poly flag cloth, was specifically designed as an outdoor item, but can be used for outdoor or indoor events. This material has a nylon appearance, but can be printed using dye sublimation because it is a polyester material. For standard cloth banners, one of the most popular items is the heavy knit poly banner material. It is the most opaque of the polyester materials. It cannot be printed on both sides, but it can be sewn together using a block-out layer between the cloth. It is not considered ideal for long term usage like pole banners would be, as it is lighter weight material than Sunbrella or similar products.

Sublimation Printing
Sublimation Printing

Finally, Poly Satin is a sheer material that many clients prefer as it is an airy feeling banner and light can be seen through the graphics. It does have some color loss as well, but still has a nice presentation if it is a look you’re looking for. Poly Sheer display banner printing fabric is even more see-through and used for the same type of purpose.

Sublimation Printing
Sublimation Printing

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