What should you attention when purchase and use of the Sublimation Transfer Ink?

The use of sublimation ink is the first storage technology, sublimation transfer ink storage environment should be consistent with the use of the environment, which should be noted in the harsh climate, it is because the general situation of equipment and ink use environment is relatively strict, and In the winter and summer, most of the storage room temperature and the working environment temperature difference is very large, and thus often appear just out of the ink is not very smooth use of the phenomenon, and sometimes even can not work properly, affecting the efficiency and even waste. The best solution in this case is to get the ink in the environment for a few hours in advance, until the ink temperature reaches the required level.

Sublimation Transfer Ink
Sublimation Transfer Ink

Ink procurement considerations There is also a bad habit is to have customers in order to reduce the working capital, are used to order the ink after the next batch of ink, this approach is to reduce the company's operating costs, but also bring A drawback. This is from the point of view of ink manufacturing, because the ink is a chemical product, we all know, chemical products even if the process is perfect, testing and then strict, it will inevitably appear batch instability phenomenon, it is for this reason, Of the dye sublimation ink manufacturers can not guarantee their own production of each batch of ink are very stable.

Sublimation Transfer Ink
Sublimation Transfer Ink

So, the above said that the practice is very easy because of a batch of ink problems can not be a normal inkjet sublimation ink caused by the phenomenon, which not only affects the production is also easy to lose customers. So the correct way is to be able to prepare some of the goods, in addition, the new goods should be immediately on the machine to use, to determine whether the new ink is easy to use, such as the problem found immediately replace and replace the new ink, such as the new ink is no problem should be old ink first run out, to prevent the old ink over the shelf life.

Sublimation Transfer Ink
Sublimation Transfer Ink

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