Have you add the hard suface sublimation in your business line?

As we all know, sublimation printing are famous on the fashion apparel, sportswear, and the large format textile, have you add the hard-surface on your business line? Adding hard-surface sublimation to your current lineup of services is a great option regardless of whether you’re just starting a business or have been decorating for years.

 hard suface sublimation
 hard suface sublimation

With the correct tools and equipment, hard-surface sublimation not only allows you to offer more variety to your clients, but it also has the potential to substantially grow your business.

Sublimation is no stranger to the decoration world, starting in the textile industry and later expanding into hard substrates. The longevity of the products has grown immensely and expanded from those that are small and personalized to larger hard-surface products that are suitable for the photo industry. There is significant variety available in the marketplace, and the improved technology and sublimation support makes hard-surface personalized products more affordable than ever.

 hard suface sublimation
 hard suface sublimation

For sublimation printing on a hard surface to work, it must be coated with a polyester based material and be able to withstand high heat temperatures in order for the ink to transfer into the product. During the typical process for sublimating a hard substrate, the protective film is first peeled off the sublimatable surface.  Next, attach clay-based transfer paper with the printed image to the surface of the product. Then, place it in a heat press with the sublimatable side facing upward and press the product according to the specific material instructions.

 hard suface sublimation
 hard suface sublimation

When the product is taken from the heat press, quickly remove the transfer paper and allow it to cool. If these steps are followed correctly, the process should result in a vibrant, durable sublimated image.

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