Do You Know The Advantages For the Sublimation Digital Textile Printing

As we all know, sublimation are so hot now, its widely used in the digital textile printing area,  so whats the detail advantages for the sublimation printing?

Sublimation Digital Textile Printing
Sublimation Digital Textile Printing

Sublimation digital textile printing is immense and can have a great impact on the textile market as a whole. Today, a major drawback for mass textile printing is the design. Digital printing enables higher color definition with short designing time which is not possible with traditional printing. Furthermore, printing can be done in short runs at low investment cost both in capital equipment and in materials; fabrics and inks.

Sublimation Digital Textile Printing
Sublimation Digital Textile Printing

Another advantage of sublimation textile digital printing, which is receiving higher profile attention among manufacturers, consumers and environmentalists is the substantial lower cost of production in terms of electricity and water consumption of over 30% savings on electricity costs and almost 95% in terms of water consumption.

The fabrics being used in the textile printing industry are so diverse that there could be thousands of textile types used. Some are from a natural source, some are man-made, some are coated and others may be pretreated or post-treated depending on its final application or manufacturing procedures. So how can you simplify the printing process?  The answer lies in the ink.

Sublimation Digital Textile Printing
Sublimation Digital Textile Printing

In the current situation in order to print on different types of textiles, whether analog or digital, you would need different types of inks. Each ink is suitable for different types of fabric. On top of the printing quality, the printer must ensure the stability of the ink on the fabric including wash and rub resistance as well as non-fading qualities essential for long term use.

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